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From finding the right LAMY pen to figuring out how best to keep your chosen pen in premium condition, the LAMY Help Centre is full of advice and support to make writing a breeze.


Which LAMY pen is right for me?

Ballpoint pens are best for quick notes, while rollerball and fountain pens offer a more graceful writing experience. Check out our Pen Guidefor more information, to help you find the right pen to suit your needs.

Which nib is right for me?

Choosing a fountain pen nib can be confusing, especially if you're just starting out, so check out the Nib Guideto help find the right nib to suit you.

Is LAMY ink waterproof?

Because it's a water-based formula, LAMY ink is not waterproof, but that can work to your advantage if you want to create a watercolour design without ink lines.

Which pens can be personalised?

We offer personalisation on a broad range of LAMY writing instruments. Check out the options here.

Where can I buy Lamy in Australia?

LAMY is available in stores all over the country – check out our Store Locator to help you find one near you. Or you can purchase genuine LAMY writing instruments right here, and have them shipped to your door.

Care and maintenance

How do I refill my pen?

Refilling your LAMY pen is quite simple, but it can vary from model to model. Check out our How To Refill Your Pen guidesto keep your pen writing smoothly.

Why has the ink stopped flowing from my pen?

If a ballpoint or rollerball pen hasn't been used for a while, you might find the ink flows slowly or stops writing entirely. A new refill will bring your pen back to peak writing condition. For a fountain pen, regular maintenance will help keep the ink flowing. Take a look at our Fountain Pen Cleaning guide to get your pen back to top condition.

How do I clean my fountain pen?

Cleaning our fountain pen is a great way to keep it in premium condition. Follow the steps in our Fountain Pen Cleaning guide to keep your ink flowing freely.

How do I change the nib of a LAMY fountain pen?

Changing the nib on most LAMY fountain pens is a simple task you can perform at home, opening up more options for your writing experience. Check out the Nib Change guide for the full process.

How do I store LAMY ink?

Store your ink in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. LAMY ink bottles are made of glass, which is a great storage vessel – just make sure the cap is securely closed when you put it away.

Why can't I open my pen?

Some parts of LAMY pens are reverse-threaded, which means you twist them the opposite direction to what you might be used to.

I'm having trouble with my pen

If your pen isn't working like it used to, have a look at our Care Tipsto bring it back to its best. If you've cleaned your pen and are still having trouble, contact our support team for advice. We also have care guides for LAMY 2000 and safari/AL-star writing instruments.

Care Tips for LAMY Writing Instruments

Taking care of your LAMY pens and pencils is a great way to ensure a long and happy life of writing. If your writing instruments aren't working like they used to, take a look at our Care Tips to restore it to its former glory.

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Spare Parts

LAMY Australia offers a limited range of replacement parts to keep your pen in peak condition. If the part you're looking for is not available, please contact our support team.

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LAMY 2000 Care Guide

A masterful example of engineering and design, the LAMY 2000 range is built to be enjoyed for a lifetime. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about your LAMY 2000, including refilling, cleaning and troubleshooting guides.

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LAMY Safari And AL-Star Care Guide

The flagship pen of the LAMY range, the safari went from humble beginnings as a fountain pen designed for students to a global stationery icon.  If your safari isn’t working as it should, though, here are some steps you can take to restore it to its former glory.

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If you're still having trouble with your LAMY writing instrument, or believe it may be under warranty, please contact our support team for advice.

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