LAMY safari and AL-star Care Guide

LAMY safari and AL-star Care Guide

The flagship pen of the LAMY range, the safari went from humble beginnings as a fountain pen designed for students to a global stationery icon. From the rugged ABS plastic used in its construction (the same material used to make Lego bricks) to the triangular grip that gently teaches you how to hold it, every aspect of the safari’s design invites you to enjoy a wonderful writing experience.

A sibling of sorts to the safari, the LAMY AL-star draws on the safari’s shapely form and re-envisions it in an anodised aluminium finish. Teamed with a smoky ABS plastic grip, the AL-star adheres to the LAMY ‘form follows function’ philosophy in every regard, creating a writing instrument adds a sturdy yet professional feel to the safari design.

Both the safari and the AL-star are relatively simple to maintain, with a durable design and precision-made parts that stand the test of time. If your safari isn’t working as it should, though, here are some steps you can take to restore it to its former glory.

If you have a potential warranty claim, please contact our support team [link] for assistance before attempting to repair your pen.

How do I refill my pen?

Both the safari and AL-star families include fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils, so the refilling method will depend on which type of writing instrument you have. Check out the How to refill my pen guide for specific directions on how to fill your particular pen.

The ink has stopped flowing/isn’t flowing smoothly from my safari Fountain Pen

The most common cause of poor or stopped ink flow is dried ink in the pen’s feed. Follow the advice on the fountain pen cleaning guide as a first step, since effective cleaning can get your pen working like new again.

If you still find that your Fountain Pen is still having trouble writing smoothly after following the processes outlined in the cleaning guide, replacing the Ink Feed is the solution to most ink flow problems. Disassemble the safari or AL-star Fountain Pen by unscrewing the front section by gripping the body and twisting the grip section anti-clockwise. Pinch the sides of the nib inwards, and gently slide the ink feed out from the body. Take the nib off the old ink feed and replace the nib on the new ink feed, then insert into the barrel and reassemble.

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