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The LAMY safari is the world's most popular writing instrument, and with good reason. The iconic LAMY safari incorporates functional modern design with a lightweight, durable plastic to create a reliable, robust, classic mechanical pencil that's perfect for beginners and experts alike.

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The LAMY AL-star is a robust and lightweight fountain pen, with a grip designed to make handwriting feel natural and inviting. The soft lustre of the anodised aluminium finish and smoky translucent grip lend a modern twist to a classic design, making this a versatile pen for home, work and anywhere else you'd like to enjoy the pleasures of the handwritten word.

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The LAMY 2000 is an icon of design, and has been in continuous, and almost unaltered, production since 1966. Credited with launching LAMY into a new era of signature design excellence, the understated Bauhaus construction is as modern and relevant today as it was half a century ago.

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The LAMY imporium is an exciting combination of functional design and premium materials, effortlessly uniting attitude and style. The contrasting architectural guilloche design is reminiscent of Grecian columns without being bound to the rigid forms of classical design.

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The LAMY Lx (pronounced "luxe") adds an extra-special touch to LAMY's range of fountain pens. Made from light-weight aluminium with an anodised finish, the Lx elevates the design of the already-beloved LAMY AL-Star with premium finishes and details.

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The innovative LAMY dialog is an ultra-modern writing companion for the discerning individual. Designed by Franco Clivio, the sleek, cigar shape and innovative retractable nib mechanism make the LAMY dialog Fountain Pen both technically and aesthetically beautiful.

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Blurring the line between design and art, the LAMY studio demands attention. Stunning in its simplicity, the torpedo shape tapers slightly at both ends and feels substantial in the hand, with a finely-judged balance that feels natural from the moment you pick it up.

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Slim and cylindrical, the LAMY CP1 is the definition of simplicity. A wonderful expression of the form-follows-function that underpins LAMY's design philosophy, the CP1's streamlined design is complemented by a simple matte black lacquer finish and a surprising weight that gives the pen a reassuring heft.

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Simple, functional and perfect for everyday use, the LAMY Logo is a cut above the average pen, thanks to its creators' commitment to quality and excellent design. This pen is recognisably LAMY with its classic slim-line design and ribbed grip for writing comfort.

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The clean, straight lines of the LAMY Scala are impossibly sleek, interrupted only by a grip that contrasts the body's stainless steel finish with highly-polished chrome. The full-metal construction gives the Scala an air of dignity and gravitas, making it a powerful choice for the office or for enjoying at home.

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LAMY's stunning xevo ballpoint pen proves that even LAMY's entry-level pens are crafted with a level of care and precision that sets the German pen-maker apart.

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Portability meets style and functionality with the LAMY pico's practical and delightfully surprising design. The pico transforms at the push of a button, expanding from its unassuming 9cm cigar shape into an extended 12cm ballpoint pen, ready to write at a moment's notice.

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Sporting a clean and simple design with a breezy, relaxed feel, the LAMY swift rollerball pen is an easygoing writing companion that's ready to go wherever you do.

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