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LAMY safari Special Edition

The durable design of the LAMY range delivers pens that are anything but disposable. Well-constructed, elegant and a pleasure to hold, LAMY writing instruments offer a lifetime of enjoyment, which also helps to reduce the volume of single-use pens that end up in landfill.

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Made In Germany

It’s a mark of pride for LAMY that so much of the range is produced at the Heidelberg location. Every plastic part (including ink cartridges) is made on-site in LAMY’s impressive injection moulding hall, and all ballpoint refills and fountain pen nibs are made in Heidelberg. 

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LAMY Pen Type Guide

With such a wide range of carefully crafted writing instruments, the LAMY range has something to suit everyone. That variety can make it tricky to find the right pen for your needs, though, so here’s a quick overview of LAMY’s most popular pen types to help you find the perfect fit.

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