LAMY safari

LAMY safari

The LAMY 2000 defined the German pen maker for decades to come, but it was the surprise success of the safari that turned LAMY into an international icon. Still consistently the best-selling pen in the LAMY range more than forty years after its launch, the safari was an experiment in fountain pen design that very nearly stalled before it got off the ground.
LAMY asked the Mannheim Development Group and designer Wolfgang Fabian to develop a fountain pen for students, which defied the logic of the day. Most student fountain pens of the late 1970s and early 1980s were either cheap and disposable or quite expensive, fragile options, but LAMY saw the need for a robust fountain pen that could handle being tossed around in a pencil case.

Codenamed OUTDOOR, the LAMY safari broke all the rules, from its hard-wearing plastic body to the clip to the comfortable triangular grip. The safari’s design had been informed by deep research into adolescent psychology and a practical assessment of what it would take to endure a lifetime in a teenager’s pencil case, but it soon turned out that the safari struck a chord with more than just young adults.

Though it’s tempting to imagine the safari as an instant success, the reality is a bit more grim. First launched in 1980, the safari struggled to connect with its audience for the first three years of its life, such that LAMY almost discontinued the now-iconic pen due to sluggish sales. Thankfully, LAMY instead introduced a safari with a glossy white finish, and that change almost immediately reversed the safari’s fortunes, setting it on course to the status it enjoys today as a global bestseller and stationery legend.

Made from a sturdy ABS plastic and featuring an ergonomic grip, it’s easy to see why the safari was such a hit. Expanding from the original fountain pen design to include a ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and a mechanical pencil, the safari family continues to be the core of the LAMY range, and a beautiful way to explore the timeless art of the handwritten word.

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