LAMY 2000

LAMY 2000

The safari is LAMY’s flagship model, and the best-selling pen in the range, but few products have defined a brand as emphatically as the LAMY 2000 did for the German pen maker.

First introduced in 1966, the Bauhaus-inspired ‘form follows function’ design of the LAMY 2000 struck a chord with pen lovers. Designed by former Braun product designer Gerd A. Müller, the LAMY 2000 did away with the frills and fancy details of its contemporaries to offer a sleek, essential experience that still feels fresh after nearly 6 decades.

A key feature of its design, the LAMY 2000 also pushed the envelope in terms of materials. The polycarbonate used for the original 2000's body (commonly called ‘Makrolon’) was a cutting-edge material in the mid-1960s, and, together with the understated matte finish of the stainless steel elements, called for new approaches to construction and craft that tested LAMY’s limits. The LAMY 2000 in stainless steel was introduced in 2013, which also required new developments in machining and manual processes to uphold LAMY’s high quality standards.

Having started with the iconic fountain pen, the LAMY 2000 range has expanded over the years to include ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils and multi-function pens, adding new possibilities to a pen that has already made its mark on design history. 


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For those who already own a LAMY 2000, please explore our care guide to help make the most of this remarkable writing instrument.

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