How to refill a LAMY rollerball pen

How to refill a LAMY rollerball pen

LAMY rollerball pens fall into two categories – capped or uncapped – and that impacts the type of refill used, as well as the method to refill it.

Capped rollerball pens

LAMY rollerball pens like the safari, AL-star, studio, 2000, Lx and scala models use a cap to protect the writing tip. These pens use the LAMY M63 Rollerball Refill.

To refill a capped LAMY rollerball pen, hold the front section still with one hand, and twist the back section anti-clockwise to release it. Remove the refill from inside the pen, and insert the new one by placing the writing tip into the front section. Slide the back section of the pen over the refill, and tighten to secure.



The LAMY 2000 also uses the M63 Rollerball Refill, but the method used to open this pen is slightly different. Rather than separating at the middle, the LAMY 2000 Rollerball Pen has a tail section that can be removed by twisting it anti-clockwise. With that removed, the old refill can be extracted and the new refill inserted with the writing tip at the front.




Capless rollerball pens

LAMY rollerball pens like the swift and tipo models use retractable mechanisms to protect the tips, so these pens call for the LAMY M66 Rollerball Refill.

This type of rollerball pen has a removable front segment just above the writing tip that can twist free of the main body, so hold the front segment and twist the pen body to release it. Remove the old refill, and insert the writing tip of the fresh refill into the front segment, then slide the pen body over the refill and tighten the front segment to secure.



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