How to refill a LAMY ballpoint pen

How to refill a LAMY ballpoint pen

Refilling a LAMY ballpoint pen is as easy as swapping out the ink inside. Almost all LAMY ballpoint pens (excluding the LAMY pico and some multi-function pens) use LAMY’s M16 Ballpoint Pen Refill, which takes a lot of the hassle out of choosing the right refill.

Push-button pens

Most LAMY push-button ballpoint pens have a removable front segment just above the writing tip that can twist free of the main body, so hold the front segment and twist the pen body to release it. Remove the old refill, and insert the writing tip of the fresh refill into the front segment, then slide the pen body over the refill and tighten the front segment to secure.



Twist ballpoint pens

Some LAMY ballpoint pens like the studio, scala and aion use a twist mechanism rather than a push-button system like the pens above. These twist pens still use the same M16 Ballpoint Pen Refill, but open from the middle of the pen rather than from the tip. For these pens, hold the front section in one hand, and the back section in the other. Twist the back section anti-clockwise to unscrew, revealing the refill inside. Remove the old refill, and put the new refill in tip-first into the pen’s front section. Slide the back section over the refill, and twist to secure the back section to the front.




LAMY pico

Due to its compact size and telescoping design, the LAMY pico is the rare pen in the range that uses a different refill from other ballpoints. Using the M22 Ballpoint Pen refill, the process for refilling a pico is very similar to the process for push-button pens outlined above.

Holding the front segment gently, twist the back section of the pen to separate it from the front. Remove the old refill, insert the new one by placing the writing tip in the front section, then slide the back section over the refill and twist to secure onto the front segment.



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