Nib Guide

Since it’s the part of the fountain pen that touches the paper, the nib has a major impact on how each pen writes. Most LAMY fountain pens feature Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad nibs, so here’s a look at each nib size and what it does best.

Extra Fine

Extra Fine nibs are sharp and precise, with the narrowest line in the LAMY range. EF nibs excel at detailed handwriting and updating your busy schedule in your diary, and also leave the least ink on the page, helping it to dry faster. Perfect for those with tight, neat handwriting.


Fine nibs are a touch broader than EF nibs, allowing the ink to flow more generously, which creates a richer line on the page, and also lets the pen glide more gracefully across the page.


Medium nibs are broader again, delivering a thick, vivid line as it moves across the page. That extra ink also helps the pen to flow as you write, and makes your handwriting look even more lively and vibrant. If you’re starting out with fountain pens, a Medium nib is a great introduction.


Broad nibs make for handwriting that’s full of flourishes and line variations, which lends a vibrancy to letters, notes and journal entries. It’s a lively experience, and can be quite stunning, but the amount of ink on the page means it can be hard to manage for fountain pen newcomers, with greater chances of blurring or smudging.

ideos Fountain Pen

ideos Fountain Pen

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  • Fountain pen
  • Stainless steel nib
  • Blue ink
  • Refill with LAMY T10 Ink Cartridges, or add LAMY Z27 converter for use with bottled ink
  • 14.3cm long
  • Brass body with a palladium finish, polished stainless steel clip and chromed spring sleeve jacket
  • Designed and made in Germany


Designed by EOOS, the new LAMY ideos fountain pen takes LAMY's design principles in an fresh direction. The interplay of the basic triangle and circle forms a surprising and, at the same time, self-evident, stylized teardrop shape that balances a natural hand-feel of a round body with the precision and control offered by a shaped grip. The pen features a high-quality palladium finish with a polished stainless steel clip, contrasted by a chrome-plated grip that adds a dynamic finish to the fountain pen's elegantly simple design.

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