Corporate and Bespoke

Each LAMY writing instrument is designed with to capture the irreplaceable feeling of the handwritten word. Classic yet modern, LAMY brings traditional pencraft into the 21st century through precise manufacturing and modern materials that preserve the timeless joy of pen on paper.

  • Made in Germany

    The vast majority of components used in LAMY writing instruments are manufactured and tested at LAMY's Heidelberg factory.

  • Unforgettable design

    Guided by the Bauhaus "form follows function" principle, LAMY's considered designs deliver a graceful, elegant writing experience.

  • Built to last

    Unlike other pens, the LAMY range is made to be refilled, so each pen and pencil offers years of writing pleasure.

Boost your brand with LAMY

The enduring design and robust construction of LAMY writing instruments is a perfect showcase for your brand. With gift box options to enhance the experience, a LAMY pen will create a long-lasting impression for your next event or campaign that will ensure your brand is front-of-mind.